I cannot wait to start learning come college. It’s been a long time coming and I finally am prepared to learn.

Anywho lovely dovey hoo ha.  You guys get to talk about your feelings, aren’t you excited?  Do we fall in love with a face or a brain?  Both?  Then which comes first. DUN DUN DUN.

February has honestly been one of the longest months for me.  Even with only twenty-eight days, that is still four weeks too many.  I am so happy it has come to it’s conclusion.  It feels like one of those bad romantic comedies that you watch with your mom to have some “quality time.”  In reality, you both just cannot wait for the two and half hours to be over so you can both return to sitting in separate rooms and be strangers again.  I have so much to look forward to in the next few months.  It starts with some simple things like a new phone, our drama show, etc.  My tax return is due to me as well. With that money, I plan on spending some of it on my first tattoo.  My friend designed a Northern Downpour tattoo for me. Northern Downpour is a song by Panic! at the Disco and it just is my go-to song.  Whenever I’m faced with anything difficult I listen to this song.  When something good happens, I play this song.  It just holds such deep meaning for me I feel I’d be honored to have something on myself at all times of it.  I also will be able to finally send in my deposit for Lasell College class of 2017 and that in and of itself makes me very proud.  In a shallower aspect, I’m going to multiple concerts in the next few months with bands including “The Wonder Years,” “Fireworks,” “Hostage Calm,” “Misser,” “Transit,” “Seahaven,” “Streetlight Manifesto,” and my favorite, “Fall Out Boy.”  I can’t help but be excited.  Honestly, it’s the little things in life that make it all the better.

I met the most interesting woman in starbucks the other day.  I made a comment about “I hate when customers call me m’am. I am too young to be a m’am, please call me miss.”  This woman began to laugh and said amen.  My friends and I start a discussion with her and notice a heavy accent right away.  We find out she was from Israel and that she takes no bullshit.  Her philosophy on life was that American’s gossip too much and are too petty.  They don’t take the time to work hard and don’t think before they speak.  She missed her country of hard workers, and I cannot blame her.  She couldn’t believe how lazy people were.  She wished more people were honest, and straight up, for lack of a better term.  Everything she was saying I agreed with.  I rather have someone hate me and tell me, rather than be fake.  Preach man, preach.

Never talk about something important before bed.  Don’t start an argument at ten o’clock at night.  Do not get mad if someone doesn’t respond in a half hour.  Try to see through the eyes of someone else, even if you aren’t agreeing.  I’ve learned a lot by evaluating myself.  I’ve learned I’m defensive, like most people. I don’t like to be wrong.  Hell, who does?  I guess I’m just striving for simplicity in a time where complicity is common.

Life is currently teaching me the lesson of letting things be.  Currently, I am learning to not worry about time, and just do what is better for me.  It is honestly a tough concept to grasp.  It’s an overwhelming emotion of guilt and happiness, but I am learning it’s okay.

What are the ingredients of happiness?

1. friends.

2. freedom.

3. analyzed life.

This is what Epicurus is trying to teach us.  I have to say, I don’t have an outrageous amount of opposition.  I feel friendship really is the number one ingredient to happiness.  Without companionship, humans by nature will be lonely, and not have much to strive for or live for.  They have no one to be proud of them, and no one to watch their success.

However, we discussed in class about depression (more or less a chemical imbalance in your brain).  Depression is unbiased and can attack anyone for little to no reason.  I feel this goes against Epicurus’ definition of what makes us happy.  Freedom can be a terrifying thing in and of itself.  Some don’t know what to do when they are given too much freedom.  They take advantage of their freedom, and yes, happiness can occur at first, however, humans get bored.  They need limitations to live a healthy life.  If I tell a four year old to eat and dress however they want, their health may suffer.  If their health suffers, they go to the doctor, and therefore unhappiness occurs.

I believe a human has to experience pain in order to experience true happiness.  Life needs opposites, plain and simple.

I have mixed emotions on talking about the happiness box.  It is relating a little too close to home for me and situations that are currently going on in my life.  The thought of escaping reality and seeing the world as paradise is exactly what I need right now.  However, it doesn’t seem realistic. I feel we need to go through the crap times in order to appreciate the good times life gives us.  All in all, I think life may be better as it is.  It can’t get worse from here for me at least.